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Sandblast Printing

Sandblast printing or etching printing is a printing technique used to produce a number of beautiful stickers such as PVC stickers, glossy stickers, vinyl stickers, matt stickers, and many more which have a great effect in giving your business a more eye-catching look. Sand blast sticker also work as a great tool to promote your business along with imparting beautiful look to your workplace. You can use sandblast stickers to give your office stunning graphics and designs which will generate a more exclusive working environment.

Sand blast stickers are normally used for house glasses and office glass partitions to increase the beauty and privacy along with protection from sun. By using sand blast stickers in your windows, you can achieve a more interesting setting in your space. These stickers, with the use of a beautiful design and cut, can be used anywhere as long as there is glass or mirror present. Some examples of places that can be applied with sandblast printing are entrance/reception areas, cash teller areas, offices, meeting rooms, training facilities, entertainment areas, and even in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Before using sandblast stickers to your home or office, you need to acquire great quality sandblast stickers which will both reflect your taste and personality. Using top quality sandblast stickers will give you many advantages in your business place and home while low quality stickers will only create poor impressions. It is not a tough task to venture in as you will find a number of great quality sandblast printing companies in Dubai.

For your sandblast printing needs, you will get few world-class companies in Dubai who are available for you at any time offering quality services. They are professional in converting your space into a more productive and creative work environment through their innovative designs. These printing companies are equipped with highly trained workforce and the latest innovations to ensure the quality of the printing. They only utilize excellent quality sandblast printers to ensure superiority in their offered services.

The high quality printing equipments and well-experienced workforce enable them to provide the best quality printing possible. To obtain the sandblast sticker you desire, all you have to do is find a reliable sandblast sticker printing company in Dubai. Once you finally picked the right company to work with, it is unquestionable that their top quality sandblast stickers will add a new dimension to your workplace or residence.

Mazda CX 9 2015

The CX 9 since 2013 has received a quick facelift and incorporated the Kodo design. Good thing it did that before the CX 5 while remaining sportier. Carrying up to seven people and still getting at 200+ top speed, this is something Mazda can be proud of. So, if you are interested in Mazda CX 9 price in Dubai along with other details, stay with us on our review.

On the Outside

Still in the first generation, Mazda CX9 got some styling tweaks. These touch-ups transformed the SUV from an absolute dull car (which it was in 2006) to a complete stunner today. Supporting the trademark grille, it has smoked tail lamps, neat headlamps, and bumpers to book. Thanks to its good looks, CX9 does steal the limelight from its American competitors, sort of like your pretty friend in a party.

On the Inside

Open sesame and you get two things, space and a lot of rooms. While we have enough space to sit in seven people in this Jap beauty, there is still 490-liter space left in the boot. The bitter truth, the general design of this cabin is not the best Mazda has to offer. While you got comfy seats, you will be annoyed by the lack of head and leg room. At the end, the day is saved by physically moving the subsequent row of seats that not only tilt back but substantially move back to add up some space, all at a tug of a lever.

The Wow Factor

The Mazda CX 9 2015 brings back the sportier experience we missed in CX 5. This time, you got a six-speed transmission that comes with a smooth manual shift. This car has no exclusive wow factor if you are looking for one. It enjoys noticeable overall improve on the whole.

What’s Under the Hood?

Under the hood, this Jap baby got a Ford sourced 3.7 Liter V6 engine. This engine whips out straight 273 horse power with 366 Nm torque. All this power is delivered with an all-wheel drive layout. For Mazda CX 9 Price in UAE, it sprints from 0 to 100 km in eight seconds while maintaining a top speed of 225 km. CX 9 got a striking exterior with a sporty performance, something we missed in CX 5.

Final Word

In case you are not up to buy American sweethearts like Chevy or Ford, you can park the new Mazda CX 9 2015 in your garage. Well, Mazda got the edge of this battle, it has an appealing exterior that is backed up by the well-designed interior. Though it lacks some space, it seats seven people while reaching the top speed of 225 Km. For everything that has been mentioned, the Mazda CX 9 Price in UAE is 125,000 for a base while sportier version can cost you straight up to 150,000, not bad for what you get!